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Omaha Pet Boarding

Omaha Pet Boarding

Compassionate and attentive pet boarding services in Omaha, NE.

Omaha Animal Hospital is a leading veterinary care provider who offers boarding services to the greater Omaha, NE region. Their caring hands have been providing pet boarding services to pets and their owns for decades. You can trust leaving your pet in the capable hands of the veterinary care professionals at Omaha Animal Hospital for some of the best Omaha pet boarding available.

What are the benefits of boarding my pet while I am away?

omaha, ne pet vaccinations

  1. We pride ourselves on administering the highest standards of veterinary safety and comfort. Each boarding resident will have their own space and will be given lots of attention and care while at our facility.
  2. Omaha Animal Hospital and our boarding team can help take away the stress and anxiety of traveling without your pet. Stop having to rely on neighbors and others to watch your pet. Our team highly is trained and practiced in overseeing pet care to boarding residents. Rest assured on your travels or time away from your pet knowing that they will have a pleasant experience with Omaha pet boarding.
  3. In case of immediate medical attention while you are away, your pet will be at a facility where they can receive direct care. Misfortunate events and health scares can come without warning and can take some people by shock. With Omaha pet boarding at Omaha Animal Hospital your pet has a better chance of surmounting any medical emergencies while you are away.
  4. Your pet will get to socialize with other dogs and critters. Our amazing clients have wonderful pets who are a pleasure to be around. Dogs, Cats, and other animals recognize different species and bond with each of them differently. Having other dogs or cats to bond with while you are away is a great way to develop certain social behaviors that will benefit your pet’s mental conditioning.
  5. Omaha Animal Hospital will provide proper nutrition and water while you are away, and understand commonly overlooked pet care practices. We will happily follow any dietary or feeding instructions while your pet is a way, paired with a keen understanding of animal psychology and temperament.
  6. You will not have to worry about anyone coming into your house to look after your pet. You also won’t come back to find your worldly possessions in a destructive mess, whether it be by a burglar or pet. Separating your pet from the house while you are away for a long duration of time can help avoid many home-owner concerns.

Are there any drawbacks to boarding my pet that I should consider?

  1. Some people have a strict budget when it comes to their pet. Although boarding at a veterinary facility may be slightly more expensive than hiring a pet sitter, they will be more knowledgeable and trusting than paying your neighbor’s child. If finances are a concern, please inquire with us for more information about what can be done to board with us at our facilities.
  2. Some pets are more stressed than other when staying in kennels and at boarding facilities. Acclimating your pet to a boarding atmosphere is a great way to help your pet feel comfortable and safe while staying with the boarder. In some cases, certain pets prefer to stay alone in their own environments than be boarded. It’s important to know your pet’s personality and comfortability.
  3. The interaction and presence of other dogs can introduce the possibility of contracting disease or illness. Here at Omaha Animal Hospital we ensure the highest measures of protection against these infectious diseases like kennel cough. We require all boarding patients to be up to date on their core vaccines before we allow them to reside with our other boarding pets.
  4. Your dog may develop certain behavior habits if not boarded properly. Omaha Animal Hospital likes to provide unique attention to each boarding resident to avoid any such behavioral developments. Pets can greatly benefit psychologically if boarded in the right manner, but if your boarder doesn’t know what they are doing for your dog’s specific needs it could have adverse effects.
omaha, ne pet vaccinations

What do I need to do to have my pet stay at a boarding facility?

Omaha Animal Hospital requires all boarding residents to be up to date on their core vaccinations:

Required Vaccinations for Pet Boarding

We require that all boarding dogs and cats be current on the following vaccinations:


  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Leptospirosis
  • Parvovirus
  • Bordetella


  • Rabies

Please vaccinate your dog or cat prior to the check-in date. If that is not possible, we can provide needed vaccines the day of check-in.